When it comes to bullet journaling you’ve probably come to realize that it involves a lot of different calendars. Each type has its own use, and each person has their own preference. Here are a few simple ideas for your next bullet journal calendar.


So, which one should you use? Well, in my opinion, I think you should experiment with a different type of calendars and find what works best for you. Remember you can use more than one calendar each month or throughout your bullet journal.


I personally use 2-3 calendars per month in my bullet journal monthly spread. The full month calendar, a weekly calendar, and sometimes a small look ahead calendar.


Bullet Journal Calendars


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Monthly Calendar for your bullet journal. Monthly Calendar for your bullet journal.

Full Month Calendar- Two Page Spread

The full month calendar is probably one of the most common when it comes to monthly spreads. With this calendar, you can quickly view all of your tasks, appointments, and more as a whole. You won’t have to flip through pages to see your upcoming events.

TIP: Don’t write all of the details regarding the even on this calendar, write them on a weekly calendar where you have more room.

Example: on the monthly calendar write, “Dr’s Appt @ 3:00 PM. After this, you can write more in-depth information regarding this appointment on the weekly calendar like, “Appt with Dr. Jones @ 3:00 PM in Honolulu (King St) bring new patient paperwork and insurance card”.


Weekly Calendar for your bullet journal.

Weekly Calendar

This is one of my most used calendars! As I said above, I use this one to list all of my details pertaining to certain appoints or tasks. If you have a busy upcoming month make the sections larger to accommodate more.



Small Look Ahead Calendar

Look Ahead Calendar

I like to put this calendar in the first few pages of my new journal. I create a small calendar for each month of the year and write in upcoming holidays and important events.

TIP: Personally, I wouldn’t input each holiday of the year. If you have the day off work or do something special for that day, go ahead. If not, just omit it altogether. There’s no need to write holidays and other things that don’t need to be there.


12 small monthly calendars

12 Month Mini Calendars

Don’t want to add all of your events and holidays ahead of time? Consider making this calendar page. I created 12 boxes and wrote in the calendar for each given month. This way I can quickly see what day of the week a certain day falls on.


  • Only takes up one page.
  • Great for those who don’t like writing things more than once in their bullet journal.
  • Perfect for people with small handwriting.



  • I wouldn’t recommend this style of the calendar to people with larger handwriting.
  • You can’t write in more information.
  • If you don’t have the best vision this one will be harder to see.



Hourly Calendar for your bullet journal.

Daily/Hourly Calendar

This is a perfect style weekly calendar for those that have multiple things scheduled on one given day. I can easily see my whole schedule for a particular day by the hour. If you don’t have much going on, I wouldn’t use this calendar. It’s a little more time consuming to make so if you’re not going to put much here just use the simple weekly calendar (of course you can still use this calendar if you want to).


Full Month Calendar – One Page

If you want to create a full month calendar without using up two pages I would consider this one. It’s just like the two-page monthly calendar expert it’s vertical rather than horizontal. If you want a one-page month calendar to be horizontal it is possible but it would be rather small.

This one is great for those less busy months.

Supplies used for these calendars include:


I kept these calendars simple so you could see the overall layout without added clutter. Feel free to use these as a template when creating your next bullet journal calendar. Decorate it, or keep it simple. Whatever floats your boat! Remember that your bullet journal is a tool for productivity, don’t over plan to the point that nothing gets done… expect your bullet journal.


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6 Simple Bullet Journal Calendars6 Simple Bullet Journal Calendars